This blog is where I will share my love, wonder and concern for wildlife, nature, animals, the environment, everything we share this planet with.

I don’t have a degree in ecology, environmental studies or entomology. (History in case you are wondering) I don’t have an encyclopaedic knowledge of insects, butterflies, the latin names of plants or, well, anything.

What I do have is a deep seated wonder and love for this earth and all it’s green, furry, crawly, slimy inhabitants and an equally deep rooted concern for what we as a species are doing to our shared home.

I’m an amateur watching with delight at a bees bum wiggling as it sticks out a flower, breaking my heart because I stood on a snail and cracked it’s shell and chattering away to the beautiful robin that is following me in a garden. I learn as I go, curiosity fuels me.

So I am a nobody in the natural world, yet that’s what makes me an everybody, a you, me, them, us. The very people who can make the difference for our partners on this planet.

One Darkling Thrush is named after the poem ‘The Darkling Thrush by Thomas Hardy. The writer, out on a bleak winters day, is reminded of hope by the song of a solitary thrush. I would like to believe there is still hope for the natural world. I know however believing isn’t enough, it’s time for change.

PS. I also have Aspergers, late diagnosis. At the age of 35, after years of poor mental health and knowing I was different, it all fell into place. I had to fight for that diagnosis. Nature, being in nature, with animals and wildlife helps, it is where I feel right.

I may discuss all this along the way and the contents of this site will definitely be filtered through the way I see and feel the world. I celebrate that, I hope you do too.

Now if you read all that and still aren’t bored, please feel free to read my blog, I hope you enjoy!